Why the Global Leadership Summit.

I’ve attended 7 Global Leadership Summits. I can’t believe it. This event has helped me more than any other event when it comes to pure leadership learning and development. It a speciality event. Willowcreek Church has an amazing niche going. They have matched Christianity with the business world in an evangelistic way that is appealing yet tender. You should make the Summit a priority in your life, and that of your church. Here’s why.

The Summit is the gift that keeps on giving. 
  • Bill Hybels has taken leadership and inspired the church to be better. He says “everyone wins when a leader gets better.” There are some people who get favor on something and should get your ear. Hybels is that Pastor. He has the gift of leadership. And he passes it on in many ways, but the Summit stands at the top.
  • The Summit makes teams better. Individuals attend and are fed top shelf information. Even when the information is too much, it’s so good that you can’t help but say, “that was good. Amazing research.” The content even when directly unrelated, is indirectly related to a problem I’m having with my own leadership or within our team.
The Summit is the gift that keeps on giving even when it hurts. 

Hybels talk is usually my favorite because he is a pastor and I hear is pastoral voice in his talks. So this year he really gut punched me. He said something like, “how many Summits do you have to attend before you fix the culture of your team?” That hurt. I’ve come to at least three Summits where leadership team culture has been addressed, and I had intentions, but I never leveraged the Summit deep enough into our system to see things change. This is the year that changes. I’m making the move next week. Our staff meetings are doing to be filled with material and discussions that center around the health of our team.

The Summit is the gift that needs to keep on giving through you. 

Even if you didn’t attend the Summit this year, you should engage the Summit. Get the sessions. Listen to what is available on YouTube. I’m making changes now. Simplicity helped me greatly. One thing we will do is bi monthly leadership lunches in 45 minutes that reinforce the Summit content for those in our community who have attended in the last three years we hosted. This will not only extend the Summit better in “land in between” yet will also let us know if we can harness more momentum for the Summit next year (August 10-11, 2017).

Why the Global Leadership Summit? The Summit is the gift that keeps on giving that you can’t afford to not leverage in your life and ministry. The Summit is not my only leadership development source. It is one I value.