Why I wear a real watch.

I once considered buying an Apple Watch but I didn’t. For the record, I love Apple products. I’ve been a Mac guy for 15 years. I won’t use another phone other than an iPhone. So there it is. I’m a Mac guy. So I’m not hating on Apple with this post.

People use their phones a lot to check the time. For younger people, they are not as likely to purchase a watch. They are digitals. Some digitals are still traditional watch wearing types because of the fashion angle.

So, most of the time I use my phone to check the time. Yet last Fall I thought to get a watch. Because I’m a Mac person I thought to get an Apple Watch. I researched it. Almost bought it, but when I continued to research it, I realized a digital watch was not for me. Why?

  1. The Apple Watch would keep me wired up. The watch is only an extension of the iPhone. I realized I did not want my watch dinging, ringing and lighting up. I wanted a watch, not a computer or iPad on my wrist.
  2. The Regular Watch does what a watch is supposed to do – tell time and look good. An old school watch is my preference. Ironically, the traditional wrist watch was liked by the military.  A traditional watch reminds me of the past in an era that moves forward technologically at an amazing pace.

Scripture says, “Don’t move an ancient boundary marker that your fathers set up” (Prov. 23:28).

There are some things in life that should not be moved. Now I’m not saying anyone who uses a digital watch is guilty. Not hardly. For me, I just choose to let some things in my life to not be digital. In the spiritual life, there are definitely some things that need to look forward, but they must be shackled to the things that are of the past. The word of God. The gospel. Basic decency of life.

Sometimes looking back, or remembering the great things of tradition, can be a blessing in moving forward. It’s why we have a message. Keep time anyway you want. For me, it’s a regular wristwatch. It reminds me of the pastor while looking forward to God’s agenda.