Jan 06

Why I only set one goal this year.

Why I did not keep my goals last year?

Last year I set a huge goal list. Here it is if you want to skim it. It was way over zealous. My intentions were good, but my execution was weak. Why? I had too many goals. My year got a little out of control with things that popped up that were out of my control. I had to make some major adjustments. My “2013 to do list” took a back seat quick.

The quote that motivated me.

One of the great young leaders leading the charge against darkness is Robert White. He is the Lead Pastor Cornerstone North in Bedford, Texas. He posted this on Twitter recently:

  • If you focus this year on pleasing and honoring God in EVERYTHING you do, the rest of your list will take care of itself! #2K14guarantee

I love that quote. This year I was not energized to make the customary list of things I need to get done. I made a commitment to do one thing and it is this: read the Bible through in a year. I believe reading the Bible through in a year will take care of all other goals. I’m presently reading the Bible through using the ESV study Bible yearly plan. I’m also reading the Bible through in 90 days with my wife. All of my commitments will stem from the word of God. I plan to “please and honor God in EVERYTHING I do so that the rest of the list will take care of itself.” Why do it this way? It’s a “#2K14guarantee.”

I am doing things that will move me forward. I’m back in the gym. I’m developing plans with our staff. I’m strategically planning our hosting the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit. I’m planning and executing a prayer strategy. Things are on my 6×6 list. I’ve decided this year will not be one of strategy talk. For me 2014 will be a year of “getting things done.”

This year I will pursue one thing: the word of God will take priority in that it will have prime time in my soul. The customary list of goals will not compete with the word. The word will dictate the list throughout the year. The Spirit will prompt what to do.

Thanks for that Tweet Pastor Robert. It made my New Year much better.

What do you need to already scratch from your list?

Why not ditch the list and read the word more. Then let God give you direction “as you go?”

  • http://www.zachmalott.com/ Pastor Zach Malott

    Excellent post, Alan. When we ask for direction of the Holy Spirit and dwell in God’s word, the things that wind up on our “list” glorify God rather than self. He muse increase and we must decrease which leads to the contentment of being in His will for us! Thanks!