When Jesus teaches the prayer class – sermon outline

Series: First Priority ~ prayer

Title: When Jesus teaches the prayer course
Matt 6:9-13


Two guiding principles:

– Private before public – v. 5-6
– Conversation over presentation – v. 7-8

– Jesus teaches us how to approach God in our prayers – v. 9a

– “Our” stresses community.
– “Father stresses relationship.
– “Heaven” stresses authority.

– Jesus teaches us where to prioritize our prayers – v. 9b-10

– “Hallowed be Thy name” commits to His holiness.
– “Thy kingdom come” commits to participate.
– “Thy will be done” commits to obey Him.

– Jesus teaches us where to trust Him in our prayers – v. 11-13a

– “Daily bread” praying trusts for physical provisions.
– “Forgiveness of debts” trusts His cleansing of sin.
– “Deliverance from evil” trusts God’s power over temptation.

– Jesus teaches us focus our hearts in our prayers – v. 13b

– “Yours is the kingdom” says yes to His rule.
– “Yours is the … power says yes to His sufficiency.
– “Yours is the … glory says yes to his presence.