When it’s too late to recover from your mistakes.

Too LateLife comes with a lot of mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of regrets. I’m not immobilized by them, but I do have a sense of burden. I sometimes wish I could stand of top of the world and tell everyone I have hurt and abused and used, “I’m sorry.” The reality is I cannot do that. The past is the past. I can’t undo the past nor can i go back in time. I can only give to God my repentance and faith and move forward (Mark 1:15; Gal 2:20).

For some things, it’s too late to recover. Not with God, but with people.

I’m convinced I don’t get the consequences I deserve. If I did, I would be in jail, or have aids, or still be addicted, etc.

There are some things that look like they are too late. They burden me also. For example …..

  • Your child graduates high school but does not know God.
  • Your child is entering high school, but you have lost control already.
  • You spent more time on things that don’t matter, but now you realize your child does not care about God because God was not important to you.
  • You realize you can’t get back the years of not going to church.
  • You realize time is gone. You can’t get it back.

These are devastating things. And while taking your children to church and living out the gospel in front of them is not a guarantee, it’s biblical. And it’s proven to be a better path. There is blessing in obedience.

I had a lot of things go wrong by the time I was 24. Yet look at God. He turned me into a pastor. I’m born again. I know my purpose in life. Sometimes we fail to see that it’s not over yet. We can go back on some things and make it right. I have found that we often live like it’s the fourth quarter, when God’s only at half-time. This is not excuse for the list above. If you don’t invest spiritual things in your children, and you don’t live your life from the vantage point of a local church expression of the gospel, then don’t wonder why your kids don’t care about spiritual things. And it might just impact their future families. That is scary thinking, but it’s not over. You can still make a spiritual impact on your children. Just communicate mistakes and move forward. Invest spiritually in your family and friends.

While some mistakes cannot be recovered, they can be lessons learned for the future. It’s not too late for a come back. Recovery is possible. Don’t quit too early. Don’t quit on your kids, family, marriage, job, education, or friends. God can always work.

Rehab. Moses. Peter. Paul. You. Me.

It’s never too late to recover from mistakes when God is involved.