Jan 02

The Boiler Room

There is a ministry thrust every church needs but does not have. If a church is doing well, it can be easyBoilerPrayer to overlook. When attendance is good or above average, then everything is good. If we end up the year with no one upset and with a budget and baptism result that is average or not like the other churches in town, then we are alright. Everything can seem good, and it can be good, but there can be something missing.

It is obvious to me and other spiritual leaders in the nation that prayer is missing in our churches. The theme of prayer seems to surface in some programs and preaching, but the power of prayer seems to not be a priority. A skim of church websites reveals much. We need prayer opportunities in many ways in our churches.

I want to challenge you to pray. The one burning thing you can do for your church is pray. Get your pastor to start a Boiler Room Prayer Team. This prayer team would meet with the pastor before the service starts. They would pray with him. During the service they pray for his preaching. Give out cards for that team to keep in their Bibles. The pastor would want to personally invite people to be on this team. The pastors preaching will have power because of the prayers of this team. Trust me, it works.

I read somewhere that Billy Graham testified that it was not until he realized and got serious about prayer that his ministry finally took off.

The story is told ….

 Five young college students were spending a Sunday in London, so they went to hear the famed C.H. Spurgeon preach. While waiting for the doors to open, the students were greeted by a man who asked, “Gentlemen, let me show you around. Would you like to see the heating plant of this church?” They were not particularly interested, for it was a hot day in July. But they didn’t want to offend the stranger, so they consented. The young men were taken down a stairway, a door was quietly opened, and their guide whispered, “This is our heating plant.” Surprised, the students saw 700 people bowed in prayer, seeking a blessing on the service that was soon to begin in the auditorium above. Softly closing the door, the gentleman then introduced himself. It was none other than Charles Spurgeon.

The one thing pastors and people should do is get the church to praying. Lord willing, that is exactly what I will do this year. I’ve started the Boiler Room Team. The momentum is growing. People are excited. We feel better doing the right thing. You will be surprised at what changes when a Boiler Room Prayer Team is created set loose to pray.

2014. Boiler Room. Prayer. It’s the one thing our churches need the most.

  • http://www.zachmalott.com/ Pastor Zach Malott

    Excellent idea! A boiler room prayer team — laying the prayerful foundation for 2014!