How to stay fresh in your walk with God.

my-daily-walk-700x284Walking with God.

The magnus opus.

The ultimate mountain.

Walking with God. If I were defining the phrase I would define it like this:

Walking with God is remaining in relationship with Him through His word, prayer and by living life with His mission as your purpose in all you do.

If you are going to walk with God each day of your life and have His purpose as your mission, then there are things you can do to stay fresh in relationship with God. And you can know it.

Keep your Bible open.

Yes, keep your Bible open. It seems simple. It is simple, but it can be allusive. Why? There are no really good reasons. We have Bible options all around us. The place to read your Bible these days is on your smart phone. YouVersion is the go to Bible app. You should download it. I have a favorite paper Bible. I’m using the Holman Christian Standard Version, but I am seriously considering moving to the updated Holman, the Christian Standard Version of the word. You can download the app. It’s new and seems good so far. So my plan for the past few months has been to read a Proverb and Psalm a day. Plus I’m immersed in Nehemiah as I’m preaching it. Anything I do; anywhere I go. The word of God is my guide. It’s my food. I keep it open. An open Bible, often, means my relationship with God is going to be fresh. When I open my Bible, God opens His mouth. So I’ll ask you the question I ask others weekly: “how is your Bible?”

Live praying.

I also ask people, “how is your prayer life?” Most people believe in prayer. I convinced most people under perform in prayer. So how do you respond to these questions that will shape our answer to how we pray?

  • Do you speak to God daily? Weekly?
  • Do you have a time in the day when you sit with an open Bible for a time of prayer?
  • Do you talk to God in your car or in places along the way of your day?
  • Do you use a prayer list for anything?
  • Do you actually pray when you see prayer requests on Facebook?
  • Do you attend a prayer meeting or a prayer group once a week?

Live. Facebook has the feature. It allows us to go live anywhere in the world via a phone.

Prayer is something meant to actually be done. It’s live, not virtual.

Life mission.

If you want your walk with God to be fresh, you need to see your daily existence in view of God’s mission to “Go … make disciples ….” (Matt 28:19). Life is boring when livd like everyone else who doesn’t know God. Do you wake up knowing God wants to use you in that day? At work, are you a missionary? Do your kids know your love God more than anything?

Keep your walk with God fresh.

Get in the word.
Get to praying all the time.
Get your existence aligned with God’s purpose.

What do you think? What changes will you make?

Race. What’s next?

mlk-let-freedom-ringSo on this MILK Jr.  Day 2017, I still wonder about race.

With the inauguration of Barak Obama as President of the United States, in some ways, “we are more divided now than before.” What happened? What are we? What’s next?

What happened? Our nation has a lot of baggage racially. That is not news. We have minorities who are have been marginalized for a long time. The racial problem is often held in abeyance. We have been asleep. Getting along. Better but unresolved.

Where are we? When President Obama was elected the main thing I just knew would get better was the matter of race. The opposite has happened. After 8 years, we have a worse problem than we have had in my lifetime.  I don’t blame all this on President Obama, but he is the leader and owns it. We do have some racial problems; that’s obvious. We now have movements to state #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter. I understand the reasons for both. But these only make people takes sides. They divide. The real reconciliation happens when the Police Officer is shown playing basketball with the kids in the black neighborhood.  The real reconciliation happens when the black teenager is shown hugging Police Officers at a protest.

What President Obama chose to do when he was elected was use his political capital. He chose to govern. That’s his job, but … but he left a lot of people behind in his policies. There was immediate separation and division. It’s was over quick. Race got left out as an issue. It was only spoken of when shootings happened of Black men and Police Officers.

The President and the Democratic Party left 40%-50% of the country behind. Racial issues and civil rights were mainstreamed culturally by the President’s leadership with same-sex marriage. So, any criticism of the President and his policies led to charges of racism or racial attitudes. While some of this could be true, it was not true of everyone.

We are in a bad spot. We have the perfect storm. For 8 years a large portion of the nation is ignored. Trump is elected in an uncomfortable election partly based on a “we have been ignored” momentum. Race and division have been added. Then President Elect Trump has not helped himself with his brashness. We are in a bad spot.

whats-nextWhat’s next? We cannot move forward doing the same ole thing. It’s not working. Just take a look at the homicides in Chicago: 700+. Watch the political animosity and it’s racial tone. We must change.

Dr. King was a voice crying in the wilderness. I sometimes wonder what he would be saying today. Not that I question his message but the contextualization of his message for the culture of 2017.  We need to have a contextualized message for race. How can that happen? Are we operating on the methods and attitudes of the past? It’s complicated.

What do we need to do next? That is what is most important.

  1. Pastors must not grow weary in preaching a biblical view of ethnicity.  They need to actually call out race issues specifically to help minorities, but also know when to challenge all people of every race to live in light of the Imago Dei.
  2. Christians need to realize we are different than the world on race.
  3. To more forward we must admit the past issues on race.
  4. Christians must realize a “Hunger Games” style approach to law and order in all matters may be inevitable in the end times from a worldly standpoint, but it unconscionable to us as Christians to live like our culture.
  5. We need a President who will seize the initiative on talking about race, healing the nation, and bringing economic change to minority neighborhoods.
  6. If I were Trump, I would seek to enlist Obama and Bush (GW) to aggressively lead the nation in racial reconciliation.
  7. Realize everyone will not get on board with racial reconciliation. Heaven on Earth should be our pursuit, but the difference between Romans 7 and Romans 8 is Jesus, by choice. We still have sinful natures and a fallen world and deliverance from it is choosing Jesus and living His ethic of ethnicity.

The list could go on. A couple of things here are radical. You may read them as ridiculous. But I’m committed to not seeing us stay where we are. That has not worked. Things have gotten worse.

We the church can see a better day. We can experience what the world groans for. The world? The world is subject to the things of the world and does not have victory in this matter. And many other matters. Followers of Christ do not have to be subject to living the ways of the world. We are counter culture.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You left a great legacy for us to live forward.

The parable that stopped the third bite.

There was once an imperfect man who loved. He loved because it was lovable. It had purpose. It was such a great thing. It came at a time. And there you have it. It was amazing. So much good came.

Well kind of …

As time went on, the man would be invited to what he thought was safe, but when he placed his hand in the safe place, it was not safe. It would bite the man. It would not only bite, but would wildly shake the hand of the man and damage the man’s hand badly.

Time would go on. The hand would heal, but it was scared. The man though, did not seem to care. He kept loving it anyway. It was lovable. It had purpose.

Time passed. Life was good. Enjoyable. Hopeful. Those in the house observed and were blessed. Even the neighbors observed and joined in. Amazing. Greatest time.

But then … oh my … it happened … again …

The man was invited again to the safe place. He thought “it will not be the same. It’s better now.” It was not better. The man pulled his hand back in dismay that he had injuries worse than before. Worse because he could see the scars from the first bite. And then the new scars. The man was damaged not only physically but emotionally. A soul wound.

But then an amazing thing happened. It quickly crawled over, humble, and laid next to the man. The man was stunned again. Didn’t know what to do with it. He just sat with it. Then, he raised his hand of the right side of his chair and pet it. The man could feel the humility and love. It actually slept in peace.

The hand healed again. It actually enjoyed, engaged, and encouraged. And the man, well he was so tender and gullible. He just seemed to move on as if the wind were in his hair. He never told the house or neighbors about the first two bites. Seemed so unneeded and dishonorable for him to embarrass it or hurt it now. So …

Time passed …
Life lived …
Surely no more … right?

The question became “would that man put his hand in the safe place again?” A third time? He has been bit twice.

Twice bit
A crown of thorns
Heaven split
Relationship torn.

It happened again.


The man walked up to the safe place. The walk was not malicious in motive or action. As he got to the safe place, he looked in. There it was. Seeming to look like a tender shepherd ready. The man’s mind was processing going in yet at the same moment his eyes lowered to glance his right hand. It was then he got it.

Twice bit
A crown of thorns
Heaven split
Relationship torn.

The question became “would that man put his hand in the safe place again?” A third time? He has been bit twice. And he needed use of his hand. His hand helped him also.

The smile of the shepherd was so appealing and seemed wise, but in that moment standing at the safe place the man saw in its face a wildly ravenous wolf.

And at that the man turned to never go to that safe place again.

It was forgiven already.
But trust was gone.
The man’s hand grew steady.
The man moved on.

As the man moved on, he thought of the subtle warnings he heard before the first bite. It had happened before. There was a pattern. It was overlooked, but was a costly view. The man was tempted to lose trust in all others. But he knew that would only increase the festering of the soul wound.
Become … 
That would not be an option for the man. It would kill his soul. 
It was forgiven already.
But trust was gone.
The man’s hand grew more steady.
The man completely moved on.
And the soul wound was healed, forever.