My reflections on the #SBC17

Having just returned from the Southern Baptist Convention, here’s my observations.

  1. The pastors conference was THE BEST one I’ve ever attended. Expository preaching by a diverse group of pastors. And The Getty’s for worship? THE BEST pastors conference I’ve attended at the SBC. You can watch here if you want.
  2. In the face of racial challenge, the SBC rises to the occasion every time. Since 1995 when the convention passed that monumental resolution, the convention has shown that it can’t reverse the sins of ancestors past, but can live in the power of the gospel now. Take a look at resolutions on race from the past. Most people don’t know about these. Once again this year the convention proved it is not the convention of 1845. We are not the convention of 1965. We are the convention of 2017 that is alive and has risen to the occasion on race. Every time.
  3. The narrative of missions and evangelism has risen to the top. We have urgency. We know the need. I was encouraged to see such a laser beam focus.
  4. I’m glad to be on the team. Is there another Christian group that deals with these same issues? I don’t see other denominations attacking anything of this significance.
  5. The Catch the Vision Tour for pastors to see what is happening in church planting in Phoenix was outstanding. I recommend every pastor attend one near you.
  6. I got to attend the convention with my wife Jeana. It was a blessing to just be there with her. And she got to be in the mix of the great worship, word and witness. I’m so glad to have her as my ministry partner.
  7. I’m wondering what the next resolution on race will be? We seem to have one every year now. And I can’t wait to see it pass next year.
  8. I’m enjoyed Phoenix. I live in New Mexico, so of course I did. It was close. The drive was beautiful.
  • PoPshoveit

    Matthew 23: 29-32
    This is my reflection on SBC17.