Jan 24

Jeana Stoddard – Thank You for 26 Years

Today is my 26th Wedding Anniversary to my wife, Jeana Stoddard. Here are some of the amazing things Jeana Stoddardabout her:

  • Risk taker. Jeana married me even though I was immature, drinking too much, and had little direction, she took a chance marrying me.
  • Faith foundation. Jeana was a strong believer when we married. I was off grid with God. Her foundation became my path to salvation. In the Spring 1988 I had a conversion experience. Life has not been the same since. I’m forever thankful for her.
  • Blind date. We met on a blind date. My squad leader in the Army connected us. A blind date led to a 26 year marriage.
  • Patient. Jeana is steady and patient. She served with me in the military and the ministry. Neither of these environments is normal. Each has grueling aspects. Jeana is a patient wife. She never jumped ship. She never turned back. I have full confidence in her finishing well.
  • Worker. Jeana worked me through 10 years of seminary training. This is no easy challenge. She sacrificed much for me.
  • Mother. Jeana is a great mother. Steady, wise, spiritually fit, genuine. She is a great mother to our daughter Breezy.
  • Lover. Jeana loves me. And for that I am grateful. She is a beautiful precious wife. She loves people. I’ve never met a better relationship disciple maker. She loves all people. Color, creed, or character are not prerequisite for Jeana. She truly loves like the Lord.

Thank you for 26 years my beautiful wife. You are truly a reflection of Jesus Christ. I love you.

  • Jeana

    I love you baby! I love the adventure of our life. Never a dull moment:0) I love that you are the head of our home and that I can trust you. I love you my handsome man!

  • Alan Stoddard

    I meant to respond to your post. Love you so much. You bless me just know you are there. Did I mention I love you?