How to share your faith and not be a weirdo.

Last night I did a teaching on Facebook live on sharing the gospel. Here’s the expanded outline.

Rekindle the passion for people.

Sometimes our passion for people can wane. People are messy. Yet they are worth it. God thought so (John 3:16). Yet I find the holiest of Jesus’ disciples can be the more  sinful than people without Christ.

Have pre-evangelism conversations.

Turn “everyday conversations into gospel conversations.” Yet sometimes we must know when it’s not yet time to bring the gospel to the conversation. I’m not saying wait long. Or even wait. But sometimes we need to have a few real conversations with people so we can feel them out. Let them know we are not just trying to make them a project.

Know the simplicity of the gospel.

1 Cor 15:3-4, Mark 1:15

Share the gospel.

I like imagery. Most of the time I will use a napkin to draw a cross, or circle(s) and use it to explain the gospel Here’s an example you can us.

Three Circles

Know how to close.

Before getting people to pray a prayer of salvation, let them say yes to these questions:

 1. Do you see God has a design on your life? (Gen 1:27)
2. Do you recognize the problem?  You are a sinner? (Rom 3:23)
3. Do you believe Jesus Christ died and rose again for you? (1 Cor 15:3-4)
4. Are you repenting and believing right now? (Mark 1:15)