Why LeBron James is the best NBA player ever?

lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliersLeBron James is the best player in the NBA ever. What do I mean? When it comes to the superstar guys, like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron stands alone at the top.

And this has application for the Christ follower. The church. Let me explain.

The Humility Factor
LeBron James. I have not been a fan of his for a few reasons. First, I’ve kind of lost my passion for basketball. The NBA seemed to get bogged down with drama 2-3 years ago. I took a break, but I’ve checked back in. Second. LeBron is not my kind of player. He’s not the finesse player of the 90s. He’s the total package of the twenty first century. Jordan was an artist. Kobe too. LeBron? He’s simply a machine. His skill set exceeds Jordan and Kobe. I’d rather see the artist than the machine. Third, I have not liked LeBron’s attitude. He’s been arrogant. His departure from Cleveland was terrible. He left for the championship. Left for the bling. Left for the stacked team. A better city.

But wait a minute. Wait just one minute. What makes LeBron the best is not what he does on the court. It’s the fact that he choose the leave Miami and go back to Cleveland. Who does that? And in the first year takes that team to the finals? And that team? It’s a good team. It’s a professional team. But it’s not a stacked team. LeBron could have stayed in Miami and probably won at least one more championship. He probably should have stayed but he chose to go home. He chose to take a risk. He went back to a team and city that paled in comparison to Miami. But one man made a difference – LeBron James.

In his first year back LeBron James took an average NBA team to the Finals and just might win the NBA championship with them this year. Even if the Cavs do not win, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA ever. He exceeds Jordan and Kobe. Here’s why.

When did Jordan leave the Bulls and go to a lesser team and take that team to the Finals in the first year? He didn’t. When did Kobe do that? Nope. He has not done that either.

LeBron is racking up the stats. If he keeps playing he will surpass people up as time goes by. He will win more championships. Will he will as many as Jordan and Pippen? Kobe and Shaq? Who knows. But one this is sure. He did what none of them had the courage to do. And because of that, LeBron is the best player ever in the NBA.

The Church – Next?

LeBron James move from Miami and to Cleveland reminds me of humility. It’s being willing to live a missional life. To give up what seems good for my trophy case for the sake of the gospel and the future of a city. LeBron’s move is an analogy, but it’s a good one for those of us who are the church. We are called by God to sometimes leave when it seems logical to stay and go to a situation that seems not as good. Who knows what might happen? We might end up in the finals.

Jesus said, “Go, therefore, make disciples, of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I’ve taught you, and lo, I’m with you until the end of the age.” Matt 28:19-20

Church excuses that need to stop

I’m in the business. The Father’s business. And I hear a lot of things. I deal with a lot of problems. I deal with a lot of people. And I do love my calling as a pastor. I sometimes wonder what business leaders would think if employees said the same things that I hear some say about church. For example …

1. I don’t have to go to church to worship God. Ridiculous. While this is obviously true is incredibly foolish. First, anyone who knows the Bible knows this is true at some level. Yet secondly, anyone who knows the word knows a person who is converted by the gospel will want to gather with the church (the people) and worship God.

What business would let you say, “I don’t have to show up for work to honor the owner or his mission?”

2. I don’t go to church because there are more hypocrites in the church than outside the church. I love this one. It’s insane. The Greek for hypocrite is word where we get the English “theatre.” A hypocrite acts out in a way that is not true of his real life. This person “says one thing but does another.” And so it’s like this. I don’t go to church because of the hypocrites. There are more in church than out. REALLY?

  • Numerically this cannot be true. It’s an excuse.
  • Spiritually this is not true. There are more hypocrites outside the church than inside the church. Would you not rather be a hypocrite with God? Or without God?  

Everyone is a hypocrite at some point. Is that not actually why we “do church?”

What business would let you say, “The employees are not perfect so I’m not working?”

3. All the church wants is money. There are some churches that are greedy. Most are not. Most churches give away a lot of money to ministry and missions. I don’t like it when I’m pressured to give. When I am, I usually won’t give. Yes, I’m a storehouse tither and generous giver. The bottom line is churches receive offerings for the Lord. You are in or out. Churches are in it for money. I get the feeling most who say “all the church wants is money” probably don’t give to much of anything.

What business would let you say, “All you care about is profit so I’m not working?”

4. Sunday is the only day of the week I get off. God gives people opportunity. He gives us means to live, breath, make money. The reality is we cannot afford not worship God in a local gathering. Is God worth more than what someone would do otherwise on Sunday?

What business would let you say, “I don’t want to work on Monday, or Sunday for that matter, so I’m not working?”

5. I got hurt in church and am not going back. While I understand this one, at some point it is an excuse. There comes a point when we have to get back into the game. We must not let church bullies kill our souls. Yes people get hurt in church and it’s not right. Jesus went to the cross. That was not right at all. Are we really going to let someone who is mean keep us from God’s will?

What business would let you say, “An employee hurt my feelings so I’m not going to work today?”

Just a quick fives things that I believe we need to get over or help people get over. God is great and worthy of our lives. We should not let these things keep us from living out our faith in a local church.