How Greg Laurie joining the SBC is a good thing.

Greg Laurie joined the Southern Baptist Convention! WOW. THIS makes me very happy. Here’s why.

I have a “little” Calvary Chapel in me. I’m a closet Calvary Chapel guy 🙂 but don’t take that wrong. I’m a true Baptist boy. Married a Baptist girl. And there’s no turning back. Calvary Chapel is a lot like Steve McQueen (I’m reading Greg’s book). They are cool. Baptists can always use a little, natural, cool factor. When I became a follower of Christ, Pastor Chuck Smith became my radio rabbi. He made me love the word of God. So I have a special place for Calvary Chapel in my heart. So when I heard Greg Laurie was joining the SBC, I was glad.

Greg Laurie joining the SBC is a good thing and here’s why.

Greg is the Billy Graham of our day.  Greg is filling stadiums in ways people thought was over. There have been others. DL Moody. Billy Sunday. Billy Graham. Greg Laurie. Laurie still does crusade ramp up, execution and follow up.

Greg is already a part of us. He has built relationships already in the SBC. Jack Graham and Greg have been friends for awhile now. And that relationship models for us what we need. It’s possible to be faith family, connected, while separate. We are using him to speak and train already.

Greg believes what we believe about evangelism. He obviously is a part of stoking the fire of evangelism already. The SBC is in need to real evangelism that’s partnered with crusade level disciple making. Greg is going to help us in our desire to in some ways get back to evangelism and in other ways stay evangelistic. Regardless, he will join us and lead us in stoking the fire.

Greg is not only an evangelist but also a revivalist. He comes from the a revival movement. He had a front row seat to the Jesus Movement. He was a part of the last revival movement to happen in our nation. I have followed Greg and heard him preach for the last few years. I’ve seen him fire up and mobilize Calvary Chapel pastors and churches for not only evangelism, but also seeking revival in prayer.

Greg believes what we believe. There’s nothing in the Baptist Faith and Message he won’t be ok with. Calvary Chapel churches have theological distinctives but they are within the framework of orthodoxy. Calvary Chapel and Baptists have the same commitment to to scripture and expository preaching.

I could go on but I won’t. I’ve enjoyed my partnership with Calvary Chapel Association. Here in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I’ve enjoyed my partnership, friendship with Pastor John Marshall, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Ruidoso. I have attended the Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference for 3 years now. I have to miss this year but for sure want to go next year. One of the excellent things Calvary Chapel does is events and conferences. They are known for worship and teaching. Many churches have benefited from the influence of Calvary Chapel worship especially. The Jesus Movement influenced many. We can benefit even more with Greg Laurie joining and partnering with us.

I pray we will all be “filled with the Spirit” (Eph 5:18) and “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Tim 4:5).

What do you think of Pastor Greg Laurie joining the SBC?


My reflections on the #SBC17

Having just returned from the Southern Baptist Convention, here’s my observations.

  1. The pastors conference was THE BEST one I’ve ever attended. Expository preaching by a diverse group of pastors. And The Getty’s for worship? THE BEST pastors conference I’ve attended at the SBC. You can watch here if you want.
  2. In the face of racial challenge, the SBC rises to the occasion every time. Since 1995 when the convention passed that monumental resolution, the convention has shown that it can’t reverse the sins of ancestors past, but can live in the power of the gospel now. Take a look at resolutions on race from the past. Most people don’t know about these. Once again this year the convention proved it is not the convention of 1845. We are not the convention of 1965. We are the convention of 2017 that is alive and has risen to the occasion on race. Every time.
  3. The narrative of missions and evangelism has risen to the top. We have urgency. We know the need. I was encouraged to see such a laser beam focus.
  4. I’m glad to be on the team. Is there another Christian group that deals with these same issues? I don’t see other denominations attacking anything of this significance.
  5. The Catch the Vision Tour for pastors to see what is happening in church planting in Phoenix was outstanding. I recommend every pastor attend one near you.
  6. I got to attend the convention with my wife Jeana. It was a blessing to just be there with her. And she got to be in the mix of the great worship, word and witness. I’m so glad to have her as my ministry partner.
  7. I’m wondering what the next resolution on race will be? We seem to have one every year now. And I can’t wait to see it pass next year.
  8. I’m enjoyed Phoenix. I live in New Mexico, so of course I did. It was close. The drive was beautiful.

The rebellion you should join.

I have been a part of the rebellion for 29 years. I was on the other side for 24 years. But let there be no doubt about my life that as I have air in my lungs, I am a part of the rebellion.
The rebellion of Jesus Christ against the forces of evil, suffering and hell is fueled by His death, burial and resurrection from the dead (1 Cor 15:3-4).

The way I joined this rebellion involves four things. First, I recognize God’s design on all people (Gen 1:27). He has His unique design, meaning there great purpose for every life. Second, repentance and faith is how I joined. I repented of my sins and placed my faith in Jesus (Mark 1:15). Third, my allegiance is with Him and His movement. I am committed to conquering hell (Matt 16:18). Finally, I’m looking for people who want to join His movement (Matt 28:19). Jesus dismantled hell everywhere He went. He dismantled hell as the blind see, the deaf hear, the lost are found and Satan retreats in people’s lives.

Jesus Christ died and rose for you. Have you received Him? Are you sick of hell beating you up? Want some payback on hell?

Join up (John 1:12)! There’s a movement. A different kingdom (Matt 6:33). Sinners are welcome and find grace because of God’s grace and our faith (Eph 2:8-9). Our lives change when Christ comes into our lives (2 Cor 5:17). The enemy comes bringing hell with him. Jesus comes bringing life (John 10:10).

What will you do? Want to join the rebellion against hell?
Design. The gospel. Repent and believe. Join up.