Takeaways from yesterday – 11.18.15

Yesterday was a great day. But it was a hectic day. What were my top takeaways?


  1. It was all about giving away 50 Thanksgiving Baskets in our community.
  2. I met at the campus to meet with a group that is planning a Christmas Day Dinner for people in our community who might need it, or desire it.
  3. Found 35 homes in lower income areas that would appreciate a great Thanksgiving Basket.
  4. While finding homes, I get a call from a student who was to deliver canned goods to us, but I didn’t know how much goods? What time to deliver? ¬†And I had already told the person we were delivering our baskets before the delivery could happen, but come anyway.
  5. I get a call from a senior adult needing help.
  6. I get a “hey you” for something I’m not connected to at all on campus because …. just because.
  7. I arranged the 50 baskets for delivery.
  8. I was nervous because I didn’t know who was coming to deliver “50” baskets.
  9. I delivered 10 baskets “door to door” to people who did not know I was coming.
  10. Others delivered 40 baskets – awesome.


  • Anything Great Commission is good. Keeps us “main thing.”
  • I love door to door evangelism. You never know how lost and needy people are until you see them face to face.
  • When I don’t know the outcome or details of a food donation, don’t depend on it for a ministry outreach that happens on the day of the drop off.
  • I can’t always know the circumstances of someone else’s ministry circumstances. Avoid judgement or criticism.
  • I need to plan better for basket deliveries next time. People don’t just think to arrive.
  • I should actually give it all away next time so others can do it “all.” Ministry Expansion.
  • I get aggravated when others don’t see ministry from my view as they judge my actions. They can’t see what I’m trying to do. (and vice versa)
  • There’s always more need than resources with man. With God? Anything is possible.
  • Answer the phone for senior adults, even when you are busy. They appreciate it.
  • I’m thankful for other leaders, servants who pulled off the ministry event.
  • There’s nothing like the look of a family getting a turkey and basket of food when they needed it.
  • Gospel openings come from sowing via servant based outreach.
  • A good wife gives wise counsel to her husband. Thank you wife.