Preparing for 30 Days of Prayer

30 Days of Prayer.001Church and Friends – Next Sunday night we will begin a 30 day season of prayer from February 28 to March 28. I’m asking you to do something simple. Pray more than usual. That seems simple, but can be hard.

Our nation needs reviving. Situations have deteriorated greatly regarding faith. I recently asked a teenager I’m discipling “what are the greatest problems of our country?” He said these three things:

  1. Racial division.
  2. Greed.
  3. First world focus.

I was proud and shocked that this teen had such a tender insight into our culture. We need reviving. Revival comes when God’s people pray. Every revival I’ve studied has come as God’s people prayed.

Here is what I want to ask you to do. Pick from these options to help you pray more.

  1. Pray more than usual in your own private devotions.
  2. Pray more than usual with your family. Pic a night to have family devotions with your family that centers around prayer. 
  3. Sign up for a weekly prayer meeting (February 28) in the home of someone hosting. There will be 3-4 homes you can choose from. At these meetings, there will be no food or drinks, but a real prayer time for an hour. If you can stay the whole time, then stay as long as you can. 
  4. Sign up for a weekly prayer meeting at the church during the day.
  5. Make a prayer list of lost people around you. Begin to ask God to save them.
  6. Listen to this message on the Layman’s Prayer Revival of 1857. Listen to the message by my evangelism prof, Dr. Roy Fish – September 2013 CD of the Month. It’s an hour long, but is an amazing message.
  7. Pray in your car. Turn the radio off and ask God to send revival to the churches here in Lincoln County.
  8. Start a prayer meeting in your home (let me know and I’ll give you the prayer guides)

There will be more info soon, but will you pray for revival in our church?

Will you pray for 30 Days as we move toward Easter, March 27?

Attend our Sunday evening service (February 28 at 5:00 PM) and hear Jim Fox teach on the harvest feast as we seek to turn toward Easter and a spring harvest of souls.

Will you pray for your spouse? Your children? By name for 30 days?

Will you join me in praying for 30 Days of Prayer? Many have never been in a church that focuses on prayer. I will add that when we pray, we become a dangerous church. And Satan knows that. He will attack. God will test us. May we have faith.

When the culture deteriorates, the only hope for the culture is the church house.