OK. I was wrong about the SBC Pastors Conference.

sbcpc02Last year at the SBC in St. Louis I was wrong about the 2017 SBC Pastors Conference.

Pastor Dave Miller was elected President of the Pastors Conference. The format would change. The change was that smaller church pastors would preach expository messages through one book of the Bible. That book is Philippians. The Getty’s are doing the music.

I’m really excited for this Pastor’s Conference and thought I would go on record of saying I was wrong about it. I”m not sure what that really means. My attitude was kinda of mellow. there were reasons. While I am a SBC pastor, I don’t like it when we have to do everything SBC. When I heart church members say, “are they Southern Baptist?” like it has to be that for approval, my heart sinks. The reason is the kingdom is made up of more than the SBC. But really, this is not what the intent was, is of the Pastor’s Conference Team. They are just modeling something good. I’m excited.

sbc2017I hope you will consider going. It’s free. You just have to get there and pay your expenses. If you’re a pastor, your church will probably cover that for you. And everyone is invited, not just pastors. The Pastor’s Conference is a day and a half conference just before the SBC 2017 in Phoenix. Check it out!

How to stay fresh in your walk with God.

my-daily-walk-700x284Walking with God.

The magnus opus.

The ultimate mountain.

Walking with God. If I were defining the phrase I would define it like this:

Walking with God is remaining in relationship with Him through His word, prayer and by living life with His mission as your purpose in all you do.

If you are going to walk with God each day of your life and have His purpose as your mission, then there are things you can do to stay fresh in relationship with God. And you can know it.

Keep your Bible open.

Yes, keep your Bible open. It seems simple. It is simple, but it can be allusive. Why? There are no really good reasons. We have Bible options all around us. The place to read your Bible these days is on your smart phone. YouVersion is the go to Bible app. You should download it. I have a favorite paper Bible. I’m using the Holman Christian Standard Version, but I am seriously considering moving to the updated Holman, the Christian Standard Version of the word. You can download the app. It’s new and seems good so far. So my plan for the past few months has been to read a Proverb and Psalm a day. Plus I’m immersed in Nehemiah as I’m preaching it. Anything I do; anywhere I go. The word of God is my guide. It’s my food. I keep it open. An open Bible, often, means my relationship with God is going to be fresh. When I open my Bible, God opens His mouth. So I’ll ask you the question I ask others weekly: “how is your Bible?”

Live praying.

I also ask people, “how is your prayer life?” Most people believe in prayer. I convinced most people under perform in prayer. So how do you respond to these questions that will shape our answer to how we pray?

  • Do you speak to God daily? Weekly?
  • Do you have a time in the day when you sit with an open Bible for a time of prayer?
  • Do you talk to God in your car or in places along the way of your day?
  • Do you use a prayer list for anything?
  • Do you actually pray when you see prayer requests on Facebook?
  • Do you attend a prayer meeting or a prayer group once a week?

Live. Facebook has the feature. It allows us to go live anywhere in the world via a phone.

Prayer is something meant to actually be done. It’s live, not virtual.

Life mission.

If you want your walk with God to be fresh, you need to see your daily existence in view of God’s mission to “Go … make disciples ….” (Matt 28:19). Life is boring when livd like everyone else who doesn’t know God. Do you wake up knowing God wants to use you in that day? At work, are you a missionary? Do your kids know your love God more than anything?

Keep your walk with God fresh.

Get in the word.
Get to praying all the time.
Get your existence aligned with God’s purpose.

What do you think? What changes will you make?

When Jesus teaches the prayer class – sermon outline

Series: First Priority ~ prayer

Title: When Jesus teaches the prayer course
Matt 6:9-13


Two guiding principles:

– Private before public – v. 5-6
– Conversation over presentation – v. 7-8

– Jesus teaches us how to approach God in our prayers – v. 9a

– “Our” stresses community.
– “Father stresses relationship.
– “Heaven” stresses authority.

– Jesus teaches us where to prioritize our prayers – v. 9b-10

– “Hallowed be Thy name” commits to His holiness.
– “Thy kingdom come” commits to participate.
– “Thy will be done” commits to obey Him.

– Jesus teaches us where to trust Him in our prayers – v. 11-13a

– “Daily bread” praying trusts for physical provisions.
– “Forgiveness of debts” trusts His cleansing of sin.
– “Deliverance from evil” trusts God’s power over temptation.

– Jesus teaches us focus our hearts in our prayers – v. 13b

– “Yours is the kingdom” says yes to His rule.
– “Yours is the … power says yes to His sufficiency.
– “Yours is the … glory says yes to his presence.