I took the #My500WordsChallenge

I Took the Challenge

I love a challenge. I became a man by challenge. Challenge is one of my favorite words. The word challenge means, “a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.” Ok. the idea of a duel made me laugh. Challenge is also defined as “an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof.” When I think of a challenge I define it like this: getting the wings.

The Challenge to Climb a Rope
aa-1I joined the Army when I was 21 to get off the streets of Jacksonville, Florida. I was a suburban bum with no direction in life other than “what beach should we go to today?” Once in the Army I had a rude awakening. Military life was not beach life. So I went to basic training. Just days before I graduated, I broke my wrist. A 3 month basic training turned into 5 months. I overcame the challenge of having to retake a physical fitness test after rehab of the wrist. Fast forward 9 years. I was then at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. I was a leader and needed to get the “coveted wings.” When in the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, you have to pass the Air Assault School. It would have been unacceptable for me to lead in the 101st without getting wings. So I got into the school. On day one there is an obstacle course that has to be passed for entrance into the school. Bottom line: I could not climb a rope on an obstacle. I was smoked physically from the exercise they give you before the course. Then as big as I am I did not know that I needed to use my legs. It was bad going back to the unit that day. What did I do? I learned how to climb a 20 foot rope using my hands and legs. I overcame the challenge. I went back a week later and got in. Graduated 10 days later. I took the challenge. I got the wings.air-assault

#My500Words Challenge
I’m taking the #My500Words challenge from Jeff Goins. Here’s why?

  • I like to write but have never mastered the discipline.
  • I have two or three eBooks started but have not finished them. I want to finish a few books.
  • I speak often and know that preparing a manuscript is the best way to internalize and clarity content.

I have a doctoral degree from Gordon-Conwell. I did write a dissertation project on sermon-based small groups. I finished because Jeana told me “God is going to do something when you finish the writing.” I hope that God will do something in me again. He did move when I finished and graduated. May He do it again after I write 500 words a day for 31 days. I already write. I just need to let the challenge define my discipline to write. Do you need a challenge? Whatever that challenge is, take it. Get to the gym. Make the budget. Balance your eating. Read that book. Write that book. Take the #My500Words challenge.