One Message

One Message
“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.”
Prov 11:30 NASB
The greatest message ever
  • 95% of Christians never share the gospel.
Why Not?

1. Not praying missionally

2. Not equipped intentionally

3. Not sharing courageously

Most Christians want to share their faith in Jesus. 
“He who wins souls is wise.”
Prov. 11:30
“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”
Mark 1:17

“Go … make disciples ….”
Matt 28:19

How do we start to share?

1. Start praying missionally

2. Get equipped intentionally

3. Start sharing courageously

Remember this: 
“Sharing the gospel is more about CONVERSATION than it is PRESENTATION.
                                                                                                   Pastor Dennis Nunn
Remember this also: 
“If you don’t LEARN a presentation, you probably WON’T HAVE the conversation.”
                                                                                                                     Dr. Roy Fish 
It does come down to this: 
“Just walk across the room.”
                 Pastor Bill Hybels 
Which is it?
Relationship vs. confrontation
Key Questions
  • If you died tonight, why would God let you into heaven?
  • In your personal opinion, what do you think it takes for a person to go to heaven?
  • Have you received jesus christ as your savior and Lord?
  • How do you think someone becomes a Christian?
  • Have you made the wonderful discovery of knowing Jesus  christ as your savior and lord or are you still working on it?
  • On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “not at all” and 10 being “definitely,” where would you rank your desire to know God?
When sharing the gospel you must have thought through the questions you would ask to reach the soul.
Bible Questions

Some people will open the doors themselves.

Mark 10:17, John 3:2, John 4:9, Acts 2:37

Questions Jesus Asked
“What are you looking for?”
John 1:38“

Are you a teacher of Israel and don’t know these things?”
John 3:30“Do you believe in the Son of man?”
John 9:35

Jesus used a VARIETY approaches when personally evangelizing people. 
The Gospel
Q – do you know
Jesus Christ?
Q – do you understand
what he did for you
and what it takes to
know him?
Eph 2:8-9
1 Cor 15:3-4
Mark 1:15
Q – do you want
to know him?
The Hardest Part
  • A prayer doesn’t save you.
  • A prayer can be the stack of rocks.• Look a person in the eye and ask them if they are willing to cross the line of faith.
  • Look a person in the eye and ask them if they repent of sin and believe the gospel.
  • Then lead them in a prayer of commitment.

RIP – Bobby Romero

bobby-romeroBobby Romero. 

My friend died today. Too young. Too fast. Unexpected. It’s pretty sobering to think of it. What impact did Bobby have on my life? I want to get it out now because Bobby deserves it. Some of this he knew. Some he may not have known.

First, Bobby kindled my desire for disciple making. He saw on Facebook that I was reading Simple Church. He took the initiative to get coffee with me and pick my brain, and me his. I was awesome.

Second, Bobby taught me that it’s ok to ask the questions no one else will ask. He asked the most aggravating yet deep questions that moved Bible study and conversation forward. Bobby would say things that boarded to much, but just far enough.

Third, Bobby was a good Bible teacher. We just taught a men’s bible study in James together at Starbucks last Spring. He helped me prepare a preaching series in James for FBC Ruidoso.

Bobby laughed. We had a special relationship where we could pick on each other and not get upset.

Bobby valued my leadership and opinion. 

Bobby served a tough ministry field – a race track. And he loved those people like a pastor should. I was so proud of him to enduring hardship in the ministry.

Bobby introduced me to Jon Burton. He helped me capture a fresh vision and passion for one-on-one disciple making.

Thanks for the love Bobby. You impacted my life, FBC Ruidoso, and our community for Jesus Christ. I’m sad Bobby is gone. I’m glad Bobby knew Jesus as his savior.

And if you don’t know Jesus, Bobby would want you to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. 

How to celebrate baptism in your church.

IMG_2476Every church is different. You need to come up with your own way of doing it, but the way a church celebrates baptism is important. It sends a message about values. I’ve not always done a great job at it. At times it should have been better, but here are some things you can do to make baptism a significant event. We baptize on Sunday mornings as it is a better witness to a broader crowd. Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Remember first it’s about following Jesus. I have a picture below of a Sudanese woman following Jesus in Baptism by Immersion in a mud pit. I remember that in all the celebration, it’s still first and foremost about following Jesus.
  2. Clean your baptism area. You need an area that is not junked up. When someone walks back there it should say “we value this.” A junked up dirty area speaks poorly of our commitment to baptism.
  3. Get a new baptistery. If you use an old, out dated baptistery that is dangerous to even get in, then spend some of the money your church has in savings to get a new baptistery. Build for intimacy , function, and experience. Don’t go cheap. Some baptisteries would be better of being a horse trough, which many churches are using now. They are actually not expensive and can be quality.
  4. Take pictures. We take pictures. A lot of pictures. We want people to remember the experience that they followed Jesus Christ. One thing I loathe are poor baptism pictures. You probably have someone who is a wanna be photographer who would do it. For pictures and videos, you may need to mount a camera or video. Scott Shelpman 2
  5. Share on social media. I share baptism experiences on media as it’s a witness to people about Jesus and what is happening in the church to community. I don’t just share our experiences, but also those of other churches. Celebrate everyone’s successes.
  6. Create a team. We have a few people who help out those being baptized as they change clothes, get towels, etc. It has become one of the hubs of the church. People hear about baptisms and they come behind the scenes to celebrate and watch. A good team helps the pastor not have to do all the details. I’m thankful for those who help us. They are amazing servants.
  7. Hang pictures. We put up the pictures of everyone being baptized on a wall in the prep area. People see them and are amazed. We baptize in the river some in the summer, so we put those up too as we bring it all together.
  8. Give T-Shirts. We give each person a “No Perfect People Allowed” t-shirt. It’s the icing on the cake, but it’s good icing.
  9. Video. We Skype the baptisms on the screen with a smart phone. You could do the same easily. If you have a baptistery that is high up out of sight of the crowd, you really need to get someone to Skype it to the crowd. It personalizes the baptism for the audience. IMG_2609
  10. Follow up. Before, during and after baptism, follow up is crucial. Make sure the person knows Jesus personally and has received Him as Lord and Savior. Get dates of salvation and baptism confirmed. Communicate with the person before baptism. Encourage the person after. Give the person a new believers bag that has a Bible, journal, pen, a new believers book for growth, etc. Make it good.

So there’s 10 things for making baptism a celebration. For small and mid size churches, the way you can make your church feel big or excellent is by the way you celebrate baptism. Larger churches usually don’t baptize weekly. They baptize larger numbers monthly or quarterly. It’s impressive. But it can be impersonal. because there are so many at one time. Of course we want many. There were 3000 at Pentecost. Have you ever considered that each of the 12 Apostles would have baptized 250 each in the Jordan River that day? That’s awesome! I’m not trying to advocate small versus large. I’m saying find a way that is appropriate for your context and celebrate. There’s no excuse for poor baptism experiences regardless the size of your church. Prepare now for the harvest to come. IMG_0066

Am I on target? How do you celebrate baptism? IMG_1821IMG_4684IMG_0652