Jul 29

7 things that blessed me in the last 36 hours

sunsetcrucesI just got back from El Paso. Here are 7 things that blessed me in the last 36 hours.

1. I got to get away with my sweetie Jeana. We got to eat together, talk in the car during the 2 hour drive, and just simply hold hands.

2. I got to see the movie “America” today. It was good. Surely it has me thinking. It has a political lean, but it made me proud to be a citizen of the United States of America.

3. Mexican food. El Paso has some of the best around.

4. Shopping. I got to buy some stuff you can’t get in the small town I live in.

5. Friends. We got to stay with some great friends in El Paso. We ate together. We had a great Bible discussion. We got to talk life and ministry. It doesn’t get any better.

6. Memories. I always think of when I married my wife and then lived our first 4 years of marriage in El Paso. I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness for the past 26 years.

7. Finally, the sunset across the mountains on the way home reminds me of God’s creative beauty. God’s glory and grandeur never get old.


How has God blessed you in the last 36 hours? Got any blessings?

  • C. Bower

    Well, I’ll be, I recognize those mountains. Yes, it was a fine time and a fine 36 hours.

    Still ruminating on Revelation 20.

  • CE

    Oops didn’t mean to reply to c bower, was just a comment.